Dunedin iul buth

iul buth - Landmark Shop (Scottish Gaelic)
The Scottish Shop, 17 George Street, Dunedin
• Working owner profit $80,127 p.a.
• Sales $370K - an increase of 2.8% on the year previous
• New lease secured
• Ideal retail location - tourism
• Total asking price: Stock at valuation plus plant
Tucked just off the Octagon in a row of visitor focused businesses The Scottish Shop welcomes visitors and locals alike treating them to a wee taste of Scotland from the Edinburgh of the South.
We are days away from the commencement of 2019/20 cruise ship season. Last years season brought almost 153,000 passengers into the city off 115 vessels. This year 130 cruise visits are scheduled.
Cruise days are great days for the business. So too are special occasions for locals gift-giving, independent travelers and online shopping and Dunedin events: The Scottish Shop stocks an impressive range of tartans, Scottish tea and treats, souvenirs, clothing, and accessories. The business also operates kilt hire and kilt tailoring services.
An exceptional passionate team supports the owner enabling her to enjoy weekends and extended holiday periods away from the business.
Full disclosure: the occasional Welsh product sneaks in and the current owner's ancestry is Irish!
"It is a lot of fun and so satisfying. As I think about retirement, I'd love to pass this business on to someone who shares our passion for Dunedin's Gaelic routes. There is more someone can do in this business. Expand the range, build on our online sales, try other promotion options." - Owner
A fantastic retail opportunity. Call Nick to find out more.
Nick Lucas 020 477 6778

Additional Features

  • Business Group - Type: Business - Retail, Business - Service

  • Business Name Trading As: The Scottish Shop

  • Date Available From: 1/9/19

  • Goodwill: Nil

  • Gross Profit Year: $234,976

  • Net Profit Year: $80,127

  • Plant: $10,000

  • Stock: $200,000 to $240,000

  • Turnover Year: $369,949

  • Num Car Parks: 1

  • Total Staff: 3

  • Owners Input: 1 FTE